arkanoid 2, la vendetta di doh, for ms dos

arkanoid 2, the revenge of doh, for ms-dos (xp compatible) is here

via abandonia

dos box is recommended

B- finisce il quadro
P- ti da la vita
C- ferma la pallina sulla mazzarella
D- ti da 8 palle
E- mazzarella grande
R- refusion, mazzarella piccola
L-lo sparo
T-ti da 2 mazzarelle
S-pallina lenta
I- è complicato da spiegare, comunque fa una cosa buona
N- ti da 3 palle che poi scompaiono

poi ci sono i bonus luccicanti che sono un po' a caso

B capsule (Pink)

"Break". Opens the warp gates at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to bypass the level even when it is unfinished.

P capsule (Dark Grey)

"Player". Gives you another Vaus.

C capsule (Light Green)

"Catch". Enables you to catch the ball, move to another position, and fire by pressing the fire button. If you hesitate too long, the ball will release on its own.

D capsule (Light Blue)

"Divide". The ball divides into 8 balls (unlike the previous game, when the ball divided into 3).

M capsule (Purple)

"Mega". Turns the normal ball into a red (black in the PC version) "mega ball", which can destroy even indestructible bricks and will only bounce back after hitting the sides of the chamber or the ceiling.

E capsule (Medium Blue)
"Expand". Doubles the size of your Vaus.

R capsule (Black)

"Reduce". The Vaus shrinks to half size, but every block you destroy doubles in point value. Unless you're really a good player, this makes it very difficult to play.

L capsule (Red) "Lasers".
Equips the Vaus with lasers that destroy most bricks.

T capsule (Dark Blue)

"Twin". Gives you two Vauses instead of one. Not a particularly helpful one, as it limits your maneuverability and the ball tends to fall between the Vauses.

S capsule (Orange)

"Slow". Temporarily slows down the speed of the energy ball. The ball will speed up upon hitting the ceiling of the chamber, making this capsule unhelpful in some levels. On the other hand, the ball speeds up much more quickly and rapidly in this game than in the previous Arkanoid, making it helpful to extend a normal playing speed.

I capsule (Dark Green)

"Illusion". Creates a transparent grey shadow at the bottom of the screen that follows the Vaus around. It will deflect energy balls (though with no control of the rebound direction), greatly expanding the functional area of the Vaus.

N capsule (Light Grey)
"New". The ball continually divides into three balls until you catch another capsule. This is very helpful on some levels.

Flashing capsule

This special capsule will reward you randomly with one of the following three powers: 1. 20 energy balls; 2. 20 mega energy balls; 3. Continuous laser fire. On most levels, the first two powers are enough to clear the entire board. The third can make it extremely difficult to see what's going on, and won't help on levels with lots of indestructible blocks.


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